Backcountry Trail Crew, 2003 (12:41 PM 1/14/2022)

California Outfitters, Volunteer Trail Crew

2003, Back Country Trail Work

I, Karl and my son Kyle took almost all of these pictures. I bought a new digital camera just before the Edison trip and downloaded my first set of pictures to Scott's computer. I then deleted them from my camera's flash memory. I have never been able to get a copy of those pictures, even after waiting for over a year. I have finally given up on ever seeing them and am now finishing up this set of pictures. (After a full year and a few months!)

Trip Pictures

  1. Big Meadow
  2. Bridge that had to be moved
  3. Clover Meadow, second trip
  4. Crew Leader Training
  5. Edison Lake
  6. Sample Meadows


  1. About a Pulaski
  2. Trail Crew Movie, 22 mins long
  3. Phil and the snake
  4. Phil and the snake, the movie, 12 mins long