Various sets in PDF format of what might be useful documents.

Updated: 3:51 PM 11/18/2022

General use documents.

  1. Current Saw Data.

  2. Information about various saw gauges. (PDF)

  3. Historical Saw Data.

  4. Teeth Per Inch Rulers. (PDF for printing)

  5. USFS Saw Training You Tube Videos. (That are quite good)

  6. Various grids. (PDF for printing)

Off site links in the order that I discovered them

  1. Dolly Chapman's web site. Dolly provides excellent cross cut saw sharpening services. I went on a back country trip with her when I was just restarting to do trail work. The trip is outlined as CD Number 0

  2. Jim Thode's web site which has much interesting information. Unfortunately some of his links do not currently work (10:36 AM 10/4/2022).

  3. A forum about crosscut saws. On its first page is says "Dedicated to the preservation and Traditional of Cosscut Saws! Enjoy!" which appears to be correct.

    On the CrossCutSawyer site they have many uploaded PDFs. I have copied many of them here: PDFs from the forum Downloaded on 10/20/2022.

I copied these links from Dolly Chapman's site

  1. Hand Tools for Trail Work, Part 1 (USFS Video)

  2. Hand Tools for Trail Work, Part 2 (USFS Video)

  3. An Ax to Grind Part 1 (USFS Video)

  4. An Ax to Grind Part 2 (USFS Video)

  5. The Crosscut Sawyer (USFS Video)

  6. Leave No Trace: Cleaning a Crosscut Saw (Dolly Chapman Video)

Miscellaneous Links that seem interesting in no special order.

  1. Backcountry Horsemen of Washington Pictures.

  2. Increadable amounts of information of Disston Saws.

  3. Jon Zimmers Antique Tools Much information about old tools that Jon has for sale.

  4. Lehmans, for a simpler life.

  5. An interesting forum about crosscut saws.

  6. Van Natta forestry and logging's home page. Much information about logging information from one of the family members.

  7. The Axe Hole Buyers, sellers and collectors of Old Vintage Tools.

  8. Vintage Saws Specializing in the sale of vintage, Disston hand saws of all ages ans styles.

  9. Model Fire ApparatusCurrent tools and manual equipment for working with forest fires.

  10. Marvin J.Donnelly Auctions Modern auction site for old tools etc.

  11. Crosscut Saw Co. Usually recently made cross cut saw equipment and some vintage saws.

  12. Tuatahi racing saws.

  13. Documents and publications about cross cut saws and those that made them.

  14. Flicker Forge Excellent hand made crosscut saw accessories and more.