Older saw, and related, documentation

8:12 PM 2/12/2022
There are many available PDF documents about older crosscut saws. This is a listing of the ones that I have found and copied over the years to my drive. There are probably many more. Some of these titles are identical to other titles that have different or similar names. I found these on the internet after a significant amount of searching and I will add to this list whenever I find more PDFs.

I believe that these all are no longer covered by copyright and that there are no problems with distributing them. Many were scanned by Google, none were scanned by me. By far Disston had the most surviving documents that were scanned and turned into PDF files. I have not ``cleaned up'' the file names as this is the way that the files are named when I found them. Much of the data in these documents is about circular saws, band saws and carpenter's saws.

I never trust files that are found on other's computers, I recommend that anyone that wants to rely on the contents of any of these PDFs that you do an internet search after cutting the name from the following lists and then putting the name into the search bar of your favourite browser. I originally copied these from many sources and have since forgotten where I found many of them. I have had several of them for over ten (10) years now and some of the source repositories have "disappeared". On the other hand some of the places that you end up with when looking for these PDFs are quite unexpected and interesting.

When in doubt always try the "Internet Archive". They have an incredible number of PDF file of just about anything. Sometimes they have multiple copies of the same document and one may be "better" than the others.

Several times when I found a copy on the first search page, there were additional copies on following items and pages, there as well as brand new and different related PDFs.

Most of these will appear on the first page of a Google search. Some are behind "pay walls" and I consider these to be "not found".

  1. 1874-HenryDisston&Sons'Hand-bookForLumbermen.pdf
  2. 1875-TheHandSaw-ne.pdf
  3. 1882-GrimshawOnSaws-ne.pdf
  4. 1895-SawsAndSawTools-Atkins-ne.pdf
  5. 1900-Atkins-Catalog.pdf
  6. 1902-HandbookForLumbermen-S.pdf
  7. 1912-Grimshaw-SawFiling&Management.pdf
  8. 1916-TheSawInHistory-S.pdf
  9. 1917-DisstonHandbookOnSaws-ne.pdf
  10. 1918-CircularSawGuide-Simonds-v.2-ne.pdf
  11. 1921-BandsawGuideBook-SimondsMfg-ne.pdf
  12. 1921-The DisstonLumberman'sHandbook-S-ne.pdf
  13. 1923-SimondsCatalog-HandSaws-ne.pdf
  14. Atkins 1941.pdf
  15. AtkinsSawSense1926OrEarlierGrayCover.pdf
  16. Disston 1918 Catalog.pdf
  17. Disston Handbook on Saws 1912.pdf
  18. Disston Handbook on Saws 1917.pdf
  19. Disston Improved Saw Clamp and Filing Guide 1894.pdf
  20. Disston Ltd How to Set and File Your Saw.pdf
  21. Disston Saw Catalog%2C date unknown.pdf
  22. Disston Saw in History 1916.pdf
  23. Disston Saw Tool and File Manual 1939.pdf
  24. Disston Saw Tool File Book 1921.pdf
  25. Disston The Hand Saw 1876.pdf
  26. Disston The Saw in History 1915.pdf
  27. Disston_catalog_sm.pdf
  28. Disston1918CatalogRevisedEdition.pdf
  29. disstonlumberman00henr.pdf
  30. disstonlumberman00henrrich.pdf
  31. DisstonSawsBooklet.pdf
  32. EC Atkins 1894 Catalog.pdf
  33. handbookforlumbe01diss.pdf
  34. Henry Disston and Sons 1891 Catalog.pdf
  35. Henry Disston and Sons 1891.pdf
  36. Henry Disston and Sons abt 1879.pdf
  37. Henry Disston and Sons Saws and Tools 1899.pdf
  38. How a Disston Hand Saw Is Made.pdf
  39. Saw Filing Grimshaw 1906.pdf
  40. sawfilingmanagem00grim.pdf
  41. sawfilingmanagem00grimrich.pdf
  42. sawinhistory00diss.pdf
  43. sawinhistory00henrrich.pdf
  44. sawshistorydevel00grim.pdf
  45. sawshistorydevel00grimrich.pdf
  46. sawssawtools00atki.pdf
  47. Simmons Keen Kutter Catalog 1939 Part.pdf
  48. Simonds Crescent Saw Tools Form 708.pdf
  49. Simonds Cross-cut Saw Tools No 342 Instructions.pdf
  50. Simonds Guide for Carpenters 1911.pdf
  51. Simonds Guide for Carpenters 1914.pdf
  52. Simonds Guide for Carpenters 1924.pdf
  53. Simonds How to File a Hand Saw.pdf
  54. Simonds Saws Knives Files Steel 1916 Catalog.pdf
  55. Simonds-342.pdf
  56. SimondsFileFacts1946.pdf
  57. Text Book of Atkins Saws.pdf
  58. the_saw_in_history1916.pdf