Production Notes

Production notes for data about Crosscut saws, etc.

Updated: 12:27 PM 1/2/2023

I have adopted the convention of always putting the modification date and time near the top of each page. This can be seen directory above this page. The date/time is usually the first thing changed on each page and sometimes the last thing updated. The problem that I have been trying to fix is that when I see a file, from my ISP, I can not be sure that it is the most recent page. My computer, and my tablet, both like to keep data in local cache and often these are old and inaccurate data.

I have made an effort to indicate when files are in PDF format. Almost all files are in JPG format. The reason that I have made an effort to indicate PDF formatted files is that my tablet downloads the full file before giving me a chance to see what is there. Many times I don't want to wait for the file to be downloaded to just see a minor point, while the JPG encoded files load reasonably quickly.

I used two, or three, sizes of picture data in the main document. These were:

  1. fullsize are the original sized pictures as captured by the camera.

  2. As an experiment I did a test merging of fullsize pictures for both E1 and E11. The merged sizes are 6,733 KB for E1 and 6,454 KB for E11. Note how bad the merge process was. When I can get better merge software I'll give it a try. I used the Merge option from InfanView. Clicking on the merge pictures will not bring up a more individual detailed views.

  3. In this note only I have also included a medium set of pictures. These are not in the final document.

  4. smaller are the original sized pictures reduced to become "thumbnail" sized equivalences of the original pictures. Many times they have many unpleasant failings in the display of colors and resolutions. These are acceptable in this case since they are only a guide to the real picture.

I have reduced the file size of each image to make the loading as fast as possible. I used the InfanView program to do this. The source picture files are called fullsize files.

Using the InfanView program involves selecting the Batch Conversion/Rename.. option in the File menu line.

When InfanView compresses images as much as I am doing here the resultant image has many artifacts that are just plain wrong. The colors are messed up, but the overall shape is correct. When a "correct" version of an image is desired, it may be displayed by clicking on it.

As a test I made the medium size for pictures. I used a maximum file size of 200.00 Kb per picture.

I setup InfanView to use a maximum of 60.00 Kb per image when I generated the smaller picture files. These are usually considered to be the "thumbnail" pictures. For unknown reasons InfanView sometimes creates files that are larger that requested.

For example data I used InfanView with a maximum size of 200.00 Kb per image. These are called the medium pictures. None of these are in the final document.

I have two "typical" saw files here for use as examples. The first is E1 which is a typical one man bucking saw which is about 4 feet long. The second is E11 a typical two man bucking saw which is about 5 feet, 6 inches long.

Something that interests me is "How long does it take to download and display a set of pictures?" Here to help find out what the durations are with the pictures compressed by differed factors, I have compressed them three times, always starting with the original file (fullsize). I then used MS-DOS to print out the file sizes of each picture in a file set. Note that the files in fullsize are the largest of each file set and the file dates on the individual pictures are significantly different. This is because I had to rotate one of the pictures and when it was rewritten its date/time tag changed but its name did not change. For the pictures in the other file sets each picture file has the approximate same date/time stamp due to being generated by the InfanView program in the same batch operation.

If the calls to the different file sets are selected, note the time that it takes before the full set of pictures is displayed. Since the smaller picture set loads the fastest it is the default when a file set is displayed. Behind each smaller picture there is a fullsize picture of the same image. Thus if something of interest is noted on the smaller picture a fullsize version of the picture may be immediately displayed by "clicking" on the smaller displayed version.

I want to make "merged" versions of the pictures, however the only program that I have that will make a "merged" image is InfanView and its results are poor.

Saw E1 Pictures

Files used with fullsize size saw E1 pictures

- 11/22/2021 12:59 AM 4,904,305 20211014_113058.jpg 1 10/14/2021 10:30 AM 4,965,012 20211014_113033.jpg 2 10/14/2021 10:30 AM 5,242,433 20211014_113036.jpg 3 10/14/2021 10:30 AM 5,647,783 20211014_113038.jpg 4 10/14/2021 10:30 AM 5,290,818 20211014_113041.jpg 5 10/14/2021 10:30 AM 5,332,335 20211014_113043.jpg 6 10/14/2021 10:30 AM 5,357,658 20211014_113046.jpg 7 10/14/2021 10:30 AM 5,242,995 20211014_113048.jpg 8 File(s) 41,983,339 bytes

fullsize pictures of E1

fullsize merged picture of E1

Files used with medium size saw E1 pictures

- 03/09/2022 08:51 AM 201,576 20211014_113058.jpg 1 03/09/2022 08:51 AM 198,057 20211014_113033.jpg 2 03/09/2022 08:51 AM 202,672 20211014_113036.jpg 3 03/09/2022 08:51 AM 202,637 20211014_113038.jpg 4 03/09/2022 08:51 AM 196,212 20211014_113041.jpg 5 03/09/2022 08:51 AM 194,896 20211014_113043.jpg 6 03/09/2022 08:51 AM 194,905 20211014_113046.jpg 7 03/09/2022 08:51 AM 204,655 20211014_113048.jpg 8 File(s) 1,595,610 bytes

medium pictures of E1

Files used with smaller size saw E1 pictures

- 12/09/2021 12:11 PM 71,142 20211014_113058.jpg 1 12/09/2021 12:11 PM 86,575 20211014_113033.jpg 2 12/09/2021 12:11 PM 90,670 20211014_113036.jpg 3 12/09/2021 12:11 PM 89,775 20211014_113038.jpg 4 12/09/2021 12:11 PM 81,914 20211014_113041.jpg 5 12/09/2021 12:11 PM 83,645 20211014_113043.jpg 6 12/09/2021 12:11 PM 84,351 20211014_113046.jpg 7 12/09/2021 12:11 PM 85,384 20211014_113048.jpg 8 File(s) 673,456 bytes

smaller pictures of E1

Saw E11 Pictures

Files used with fullsize size saw E11 pictures

- 12/03/2021 10:53 PM 5,154,758 20210708_114030.jpg 1 07/08/2021 10:40 AM 5,358,947 20210708_114000.jpg 2 07/08/2021 10:40 AM 5,420,764 20210708_114003.jpg 3 07/08/2021 10:40 AM 5,824,388 20210708_114006.jpg 4 07/08/2021 10:40 AM 5,298,077 20210708_114012.jpg 5 07/08/2021 10:40 AM 4,789,774 20210708_114014.jpg 6 07/08/2021 10:40 AM 5,479,929 20210708_114019.jpg 7 File(s) 37,326,637 bytes

fullsize pictures of E11

fullsize merged picture of E11

Files used with medium size saw E11 pictures

- 03/09/2022 08:52 AM 194,916 20210708_114030.jpg 1 03/09/2022 08:52 AM 199,772 20210708_114000.jpg 2 03/09/2022 08:52 AM 198,210 20210708_114003.jpg 3 03/09/2022 08:52 AM 203,850 20210708_114006.jpg 4 03/09/2022 08:52 AM 195,252 20210708_114012.jpg 5 03/09/2022 08:52 AM 200,151 20210708_114014.jpg 6 03/09/2022 08:52 AM 198,589 20210708_114019.jpg 7 File(s) 1,390,740 bytes

medium pictures of E11

Files used with smaller size saw E11 pictures

- 12/10/2021 02:40 PM 74,595 20210708_114030.jpg 1 12/10/2021 02:40 PM 92,990 20210708_114000.jpg 2 12/10/2021 02:40 PM 95,840 20210708_114003.jpg 3 12/10/2021 02:40 PM 98,890 20210708_114006.jpg 4 12/10/2021 02:40 PM 88,436 20210708_114012.jpg 5 12/10/2021 02:40 PM 84,251 20210708_114014.jpg 6 12/10/2021 02:40 PM 100,798 20210708_114019.jpg 7 File(s) 635,800 bytes

smaller pictures of E11

As of "11:16 AM 7/31/2022" the "Properties" of the "inventory" tree is:

And at the same time the entire "0 SawDataBase" file system is like this:

Please note that the full set of files is frequently updated and its file count and size changes on an unknown/unpredictable/unplanned rate.

The "standard" method of displaying almost any of the pictures is by using minor variations on this code fragment:

<map name=E1a> <area shape=rect coords=0,0,403,227 href="./E1/fullsize/20211014_113048.jpg"</map> <img src="./E1/smaller/20211014_113048.jpg" height=200 width=100 usemap=#E1a>1

The most common changes involve the filename being displayed and the height and width fields. Since almost all the photos were taken with the same cell phone, normally only the filename changes. The pictures in the older CD series of images were taken with several different cameras and the arguments for displaying the images changes on an as needed basis.

When a photo will be displayed in portrait mode instead of landscape mode the heigth, width and rect coords field values are usually swapped.

Note that the filename is the same in both the fullsize and smaller subdirectories.

The typical tree, produced with the MSDOS tree /a command, is like this for the saw data section:

\---inventory +---E1 | +---fullsize | \---smaller +---E2 | +---fullsize | \---smaller | And so on until the end | +---E124 | +---fullsize | \---smaller +---E125 +---fullsize \---smaller

A semi-full directory tree as of 10:17 AM 8/1/2022 is quite long changes, usually additions are common. After deleting subsections about the HSVTC and other parts that are not a direct part of the site. The full tree is quite long and I have dumped the redundant parts of it. The reduced list is about 150, or so, lines long. Even after the deletions, it is too long to include here.

A reduced version of the tree set is in two parts:

  1. An overall directory tree of first levels.
  2. A second level tree

First level directories

SawDataBase +---Documentation +---Volunteer +---SawFiles +---SawTools +---ProductionNotes +---CatalogExtracts \---SawDetails

Second level directories

SawDataBase +---Documentation | +---PDFs | +---Old Saw PDFs | +---New PDFs | \---USPTO +---Volunteer +---SawFiles | \---inventory +---SawTools | +---Gauges | +---SawSets | +---Jointers | +---Misc | +---Hammers | +---SettingStakes | +---Wrests | +---Swages | +---USFS_Saw_Tool_Box | +---Handles | \---ToolUse +---ProductionNotes | +---E1a | \---E11a +---CatalogExtracts | +---GaugeData | +---SawTapers | \---Tables \---SawDetails +---Atkins +---Disston +---Simonds \---Handles

Camera Data

For almost all pictures here I used one of my two Samsung S10e 128 GB cell phone named CELL 6. The other identical one is named Cell 5 which I only used for a few pictures. For all of these pictures, if they are clicked on will result in a large clearer picture.


Random Sample picture of Hammer H3.

Technical Picture Data

Part 1 of the picture data.

Part 2 of the picture data.

Part 3 of the picture data.

Part 4 of the picture data.

Part 5 of the picture data.

Part 6 of the picture data.


Current (9:54 AM 9/24/2022) problem is that I can not get from "SawDetails/Handles/2 Stud Connector" to "SawTools/Handles/HC48.html" or "SawTools/Handles/HC49.html" from my ISP, but both calls work from Windows.

Fix for the above problem

Note: Under windows the triple slash "///" does not work as an address, but it is required for working with my ISP. Thus I am using single slashes "/" for Windows and triple slashes "///" for the ISP. Happy debugging! (11:02 AM 10/5/2022).

Stack Exchange was not helpful in getting this information.

As a result of this problem of cross tree links, and the fact that I have developed this web site under Windows, I have had to generate two sets of calls.

  1. One set for use when accessing this data from my ISP.
  2. One set for use in building and maintaining the site.

Joys of working with Amazon

I am in the process of moving from my original ISP to Amazon. They have some unexpected error messages.

This message means that the referenced HTML file is not found. Note that it does not indicate the file that requested the HTML file.

Missing HTML file.