High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew Trip Pictures

Pictures 2002 Through 2008

10:11 AM 2/23/2022

For several years I worked as a volunteer with the High Sierra Volunteer Train Crew (HSVTC). Eventually I stopped most of the trail work and did maintenance of the tools for awhile. There were three trip types that running at about the time I reduced my trail work. These were:

Trip types

Eventually other work turned up and I stopped maintaining the picture collections. I have several more picture sets but haven't had a chance to categorize them or make them easily accessible. Unfortunately I have forgotten many of the details of these uncategorized pictures. I might make a crude html usable collection of them some time but I haven't started yet.

Now, in November 2021 the status of the HSVTC is is unclear. The charismatic director Shane Kogan died in a helicopter fall while cleaning up a marijuana grow site. One of the excellent volunteers John Glenn, not the astronaut, has also died in a non-HSVTC trail work accident. Of the other volunteers I only know the where abouts of few. (Although some may let me know where they are after reading this set of data!)

The capabilities of modern cell phone cameras are much better than the cameras that we used in the early 2000s. Back then getting GPS data did not exist on a cell phone or other inexpensive camera and making "movies" was not great. The camera that I usually used only allowed taking 16, or less, seconds of video at low resolution. Most of the movies here that I took are of the quality that might be best used prove that "big foot" is real.

When I was actively with the HSVTC, I carried a camera and took a bunch of pictures. Others also took pictures and I attempted to get copies of them. I put each trip's collection of pictures on to various CDs on a trip by trip basis and offered them to anyone that wanted them at no cost. These are what survive of those CDs. After awhile I didn't put as much effort into them that I did at first. But I know of no one else that has made their pictures available, so here is part of what I have.

On almost all pictures I have linked to a "thumb nail" version of the actual picture that displays automatically. If the picture seems to be interesting you may click on almost any where on the picture and a higher resolution picture will be displayed. I did this so that when downloading the many pictures that are in each set, it won't take too long. If you want the detailed picture then just "click to get" it.

The primary use of this set of files is to serve as test data and a learning set of data for my attempt at understanding how to use a .COM web site. Dates in parenthesis at the top of many pages are there to show when the page was most recently updated.

It should be noted that several different cameras were used by the different trail crew members in taking these pictures. Some of them had the option of making pictures with many pixels on them. When an image is "clicked on" the full definition of a picture is displayed. When a master version of an image was taken with a minimum number of pixels, the result may be disappointing.

CD Picture Disks

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