Crosscut Saw Data Base Information

By: UnkleHammy

Updated: 7:57 AM 2/16/2023
  1. Almost everything on this web site is "local" i.e. there are few links to other's web sites. In the places where I have links to off-site pages, I have, at least once, verified that the off-site links work. However the internet is a dynamic system and sometimes the links "break". When a link breaks there is nothing I can to until I get some indication that it is broken and if I can, I'll try and discover what the new link is, get a replacement link or delete the link.

  2. I have made an effort to make this data accessible with any device that can access a web site by using very basic HTML code. I have tested the site with old and new Android cell phones, old and new Android tablets and older Apple equipment. (Yes I am Android user, my children and wife are Apple type users. We still get along great.)

  3. Most of this data is in PDF or JPG format. The JPG data is handy as it is easily navigated with using the browser that I usually use on my tablet. The PDF data usually has to be downloaded onto my tablet before I can navigate with it and the default tools that I use do not easily navigate in the downloaded data. I have made an attempt to indicate the size of many files. This is so that if you are downloading it you have some indication of how long it may take to obtain the file.

  4. When I found what seem to be identical copies of a manual, or catalog, and when the sizes are different, I have kept copies of all the different copies here. As different people scan in these older documents there are many differences in the success of scanning in old documents that may be found today. In some cases some pages may not be readable in one scan but are readable on a different scan, etc. Since I am trying to get the most usable information available, I just included the various copies that I was able to find

  5. All of the videos are off-site and the links may get broken. I would like to make a local copy, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet.

  6. There are several sections on volunteer work that I have done in the Sierras. Soon they will be removed and placed in their own web site.

The files

  1. Saw data This is data about each individual saw that I have at home.

  2. Saw tools and handles. This is data about various tools used in maintaining saws and saw handles.

  3. Detailed information on saw tools Using saw tools.

  4. Detailed saw data. This is data about various Cross Cut saws from their manufacturer's catalogs.

  5. Saw Manufacturer's Catalog Extracts. All of these are hosted on this site.

  6. The Larry Harris Collection in memory of Don "Doc" Clare Jastad.

  7. Older documentation and data files. Most of these are hosted on this site.

  8. A collection of patents related to saws.

  9. Volunteer Trail Crew work in the Sierras. I have been using this older trip information to try and get this web site working. It also shows how much fun we had working as a group on maintaining trails in the Sierras.

  10. Various production notes about how I put this together.

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