Backcountry Trail Crew, June 6 - 9, 2002 (4:02 PM 12/3/2021)

California Outfitters, Volunteer Trail Crew

June 6 - 9, 2002, Four day hike

This is a picture log of the California Outfitters June 6-9 2002 trail clean up hike from Bear Creek Diversion Dam to Florence Lake via Seldon Pass. Most of the hiking, and tree removal, was done in the John Muir Wilderness. In a wilderness area no power tools are normally permitted. Thus all work had to be done "by hand", i.e. using old two-man crosscut saws, not chain saws, etc.

There were two backcountry trail crews that started out from Bear Creek Diversion Dam and proceeded to the Pacific Crest Trail to clean up dead fall from the winter. One group was the North Crew which ended up at Edison Lake. The other was the South Crew which ended up at Florence Lake. As I was with the South Crew, these pictures chronicle some of the events on our trip. Sorry, but I don't have any pictures from the North Crew to include here.

Most pictures have active areas that allow areas of the picture to be enlarged. To find these areas, hold your mouse over most people's faces. If, after a short period, their name appears then click on it and a larger scale picture will show up.

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Notes about the pictures.

Original Trip Description as it appeared on the California Outfitters Web Site

Trail Crew Trip #2

Location: Edison Lake Dates: June 5th to 9th. The Clearing of Level 3 and Level 4 trails at Edison and Florence Lakes and the J.M.T and P.C.T. between them both.

Project description:

June 6th to June 9th (arrival date for this is Wednesday night June 5th) we will need between 10 and 15 people for a very important 4-day trip. On Thursday Morning June 5th we will take two teams to the trail head at Bear Diversion Dam, where you will depart and clear this trail to the John Muir/PCT trail intersection. At which time you will divide into two groups and one team will proceed North to Edison Lake and the other team will proceed south to Florence Lake. The goal for both teams is to clear all the windfall of trees from this winter. THIS IS NOT A TRIP FOR THE PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED, you will endure many hard ships and will carry all your own gear and food. There will be no support from the Forest Service Mule Team for you, so make sure you are up to the task before you sign up. This will take all the way to Sunday Afternoon.

More information about the trail crew:
  1. General trip information.
  2. Accomplishments for 2002 and plans for 2003.
  3. Trip rating system for 2003.

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Full hike
Map of the full hike. From Bear Creek Diversion Dam to Florence Lake.

The Hike